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The Aleph Complex
by Deborah Yarchun

World Premiere

Artie Award Nominations: 

Outstanding Direction of a Play

Outstanding Scenic Design

Winner of Alleyway's Maxim Mazumdar New Play Competition

To save herself from her chronic racing thoughts, Nicky converts them into the sound of rain. This works until, during a bout of crippling social anxiety at college, a thought about her mother turns into a vicious storm. Nicky outruns the storm all the way home, where she returns to her old job at the Container Store and to Mom… who hasn’t left the apartment in five years. While searching for self-help books at the Last Borders Bookstore on the Planet, she meets Borders Guy, the Last Borders Employee on the Planet, who introduces her to the mysterious Aleph, a Borges-inspired point of overwhelming omniscience he guards in the back of the store. 

Buffalo News
by Melinda Miller 
February 21, 2023

Winning the 2020 Maxim Mazumder New Play Award from Alleyway Theatre was only the beginning for Deborah Yarchun and her

extrasensorial tale, “The Aleph Complex.” Alleyway's current transformation of the play about inner lives becoming visible activity is an entirely new victory..."

"with help from director Robyn Lee Horn, we become totally immersed in the extraordinary experiences that are changing these three

lives right before our eyes."

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