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Fun Home

MusicalFare Theatre

Fun Home

"Horn seems to carry the show effortlessly, skillfully landing the character’s frequent moments of tension-diffusing humor"
- Buffalo News

"Musicalfare’s cast is so good it’s almost unbelievable. Carrying most of the show’s load as the “present day” Alison, WNY transplant Robyn Lee Horn just flat out gets it. She understands Bechdel’s sense of style, sometimes interjecting a one-liner to lighten a mood, sometimes presenting the tragic moments of the tragicomedy by stating them simply. And yet, in the musical number 'Telephone Wire' towards the end of the show, she shows an unbelievable range of emotion."
- Buffalo Theatre Guide

"Robyn Lee Horn is excellent as successful middle-aged artist Alison. She is the glue that holds it all together."
- Buffalo Vibe

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