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The Natural Horse
by T. Adamson

When eldest daughter Masha brings home a feral horse named Goodboy to live under mom and dad’s roof, the play explodes with strange silliness and magical beauty. An incredibly theatrical look at how we search for people and spaces to call home, THE NATURAL HORSE is a breathtakingly ambitious and subversively hilarious exploration of the human connection. (from

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"Clever ... compelling."
-- Ann Marie Cusella, Welcome716

"superbly acted and funny!"
-- Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising

"Indeed. It’s as absurd as it sounds. That’s one of the things I respect and admire about Alleyway and its priorities ... [the] team are true risk takers and unashamedly present shows that wouldn’t find a home on other stages in WNY and this uniqueness is celebrated. As audience members, we’re all the better for it, even if we leave the theatre scratching our heads over what we just saw."
-- Cherie Messore, Buffalo Theater Guide

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